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About Wild For Salmon

Steve & Jenn Kurian founded Wild for Salmon in 2002 after their first season in Bristol Bay, Alaska to provide natural, sustainably harvested salmon products of superior quality to their communities in central Pennsylvania and beyond. Today, Wild for Salmon ships wild seafood in order to share the health benefits that are an essential part of our mind and body health to families and food lovers across the country. Carefully packaged fillets and portions, as well as valued-added products like burgers and smoked fish, are all available for shipping. Wild for Salmon also sells wild Alaska whitefish, wild shellfish and shrimp, and other high-quality seafood.

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Seafood Offered

, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon, King Salmon, Keta Salmon, Pink Salmon, Cod, Ling Cod, Pollock, Halibut, Rockfish, Black Cod, Bairdi (Snow) Crab, Dungeness Crab, Weathervane Scallops, Brown Gulf Shrimp, White Gulf Shrimp, Salad Shrimp, Albacore Tuna and seasonal more!




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The value statements outlined below aim to create a higher level of accountability and trust, both internally within the network and externally to the public, in order to advance the movement of Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) and like-minded community-based seafood operations.

  • Community-Based Fisheries
  • Fair Access
  • Fair Price
  • Eating with the Ecosystem
  • Traceable and Simple Supply Chains
  • Catch and Handle with Honor
  • Community and Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management
  • Honoring the Ocean
  • Creativity and Collaboration

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As a small, family business and fisher-sellers ourselves, the values of Wild for Salmon align closely with those of the Local Catch Network. We support community-based fisheries by buying the product we don't catch ourselves directly from independent owner-operators (such as Yakobi Fisheries). We believe in Fair Prices and do our best to make our product accessible while also supporting each part of the supply chain fairly. On our blog, we share a lot of how we run the business, on and off the boat. Being transparent with our customers in this way shows our commitment to Eating with the Ecosystem, Traceable & Simple Supply Chains, Catch & Handle with Honor, Community & Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management, and Honoring the Ocean. With a brick and mortar store, we are also constantly collaborating with other artisans, harvesters, and growers in our primarily agricultural community. With our annual tastings and Fishtival event, we are inviting customers to witness our processes and collaboration with our peers.