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About Blue Turtle Sustainable, LLC

Our mission is to empower coastal communities with ocean conservation opportunities through responsible seafood options and conservation travel experiences as means to reducing endangered species bycatch in small-scale fisheries. We seek to create a movement of responsible seafood consumers in the Northwest Region of Mexico starting with ecotourism industry, but not omitting local residents, mindful restaurants, and wellness centers. We collaborate with small-scale fishers members of the Mexican Sea Turtle Network to co-design strategies that reduce and mitigate sea turtle and elasmobranch bycatch, discover new alternative seafood markets, and promote conservation travel as new economic opportunities.

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  • Community Supported Fishery/Seafood Box
  • Fishermen/Farmers Market
  • Wholesale
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  • One-time Purchase
  • Subscription
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  • Local Delivery
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  • Cooperative
  • Female
  • Fishing-Family
  • Indigenous
  • LGBTQ+
  • Mexican

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Seafood Offered

Halibut, Seaweed, Shark, Shrimp, Skate, Striped bass, Triggerfish, Gulf of California amberjack, bluecrab




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The value statements outlined below aim to create a higher level of accountability and trust, both internally within the network and externally to the public, in order to advance the movement of Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) and like-minded community-based seafood operations.

  • Community-Based Fisheries
  • Fair Access
  • Fair Price
  • Eating with the Ecosystem
  • Traceable and Simple Supply Chains
  • Catch and Handle with Honor
  • Community and Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management
  • Honoring the Ocean
  • Creativity and Collaboration

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As marine ecologists, we collaborate with small-scale fishers, members of the Mexican non-profit, Grupo Tortuguero de las Californias, A.C. to help them distinguish their marine products as responsible. We are co-creating a Mexican seafood certification, "Pescador Responsable" to certify the fisher, not the fishery based on their voluntary participation in scientific fisheries research through data collection and photographic documentation, application of fisheries improvements including technology and gear modifications, initiation of outreach and education in their communities, involvement as informants of illegal fishing and black market activity, and ocean stewardship in regional Community-Based Fisheries Management programs.