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About Tre-Fin Foods Seafood Market

The Tre-Fin Foods retail seafood market market focuses on the highest quality local, line-caught seafood, including albacore tuna, black cod, rockfish, lingcod, halibut and petrale, as well as live crab, oysters and clams from our local partners, and staples like tinned seafood, sauces, pasta and crackers from PNW producers.

The market is a companion to our fish-processing facility, where we hand-cut our catch. The Our catch is flash frozen after we cut it, since our business model is founded on 100% transparency and the belief that fish frozen at the peak of freshness is the best—and best tasting—option for the continued health of oceans and eaters.

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Seafood Offered

Black cod, Dungeness crab, Halibut, Hard clams, Lingcod, Oysters, Pacific cod, Petrale, Rockfish, Salmon, Tuna




Years in Business

The value statements outlined below aim to create a higher level of accountability and trust, both internally within the network and externally to the public, in order to advance the movement of Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) and like-minded community-based seafood operations.

  • Community-Based Fisheries
  • Fair Access
  • Fair Price
  • Eating with the Ecosystem
  • Traceable and Simple Supply Chains
  • Catch and Handle with Honor
  • Community and Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management
  • Honoring the Ocean
  • Creativity and Collaboration

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Tre-Fin Day Boat Seafood brings a unique product to the market: same day-caught seafood from Oregon and Washington waters, processed in-house. Based in Ilwaco, Washington, the small fleet fishes year round, from healthy seasonal stocks in regional waters. Within 24 hours of coming out of the water, the fish are back at Tre-Fin’s certified processing facility, where they are hand-cut, one at a time, vacuum-packed and flash-frozen.

Tre-Fin supplements their catch with fish from local, like-minded fishers who use the same Day Boat protocols. Knowing that it costs more to fish using these sustainable practices, Tre-Fin pays their local partners a higher price for fish. As one of just a few producers who control the entire process—from catching, to hand-cutting and flash-freezing, to distributing directly to the customer—Tre-Fin believes that a small fleet operating with 100% traceability can change the fishing industry.

Tre-Fin's business model is rooted in an unwavering commitment to their belief that fish frozen at the peak of freshness, is the best—and best tasting—option for the continued health of oceans and eaters. That dedication shows up everyday, in their practices and principles, which better for fishers and fisheries, the environment and eaters.