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About Alaskan Seafood Guys

Alaskan Seafood Guys brings Wild Caught Seafood to Billings Montana and the surrounding area. We provide local delivery to the Billings area and ship nation-wide.

I have extensive experience within the fishing industry - from working as a commercial fisherman to running some of the largest seafood processing plants in Alaska - I know how and where to source premium seafood throughout the year so that you always receive the best quality seafood this side of the Rockies. I only work with fishermen and seafood processors whom I know and trust - so, when you buy seafood from us, you can be sure that it is ethically sourced, sustainably harvested and of the highest quality.

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Seafood Offered

Black cod, Dungeness crab, Halibut, King crab, Lingcod, Pacific cod, Pollock, Prawns, Rockfish, Salmon, Scallops, Shrimp, Snow crab




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Years in Business

The value statements outlined below aim to create a higher level of accountability and trust, both internally within the network and externally to the public, in order to advance the movement of Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) and like-minded community-based seafood operations.

  • Community-Based Fisheries
  • Fair Access
  • Fair Price
  • Eating with the Ecosystem
  • Traceable and Simple Supply Chains
  • Catch and Handle with Honor
  • Community and Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management
  • Honoring the Ocean
  • Creativity and Collaboration

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As a former Alaskan fisherman and manager of multiple seafood processing facilities through Alaska, Billings Seafood Guys is able to source Wild Caught Seafood directly from fisherman and processors. By doing this we are able to offer our Wild product in the Billings area and fair prices that compete with and often times better than the grocery stores and larger suppliers. Through Social Media we share our knowledge of the Alaskan industry by doing highly creative posts that involve Alaskan fisherman, create awareness of the fisheries our seafood come from, educate customers on how to prepare and enjoy their seafood, and what to look for when purchasing seafood. We do everything to share our knowledge of Wild Caught fisheries to help our customers enjoy their seafood and know exactly where it comes from!