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About Ashley’s Seafood

We supply Humboldt with fresh caught fish sourced from our humboldt county fishermen. Find our catch at our local farmers markets, Woodley Island marina, and our shop location at 1548 Reasor Road McKinleyville, Ca..

Location Options
  • Dock Pick-up
  • Fishermen/Farmers Market
  • Retail Outlet
Purchasing Options
  • One-time Purchase
  • Subscription
Delivery Options
  • In-Person Pick-Up
  • Local Delivery
  • Shipping Available
Food Access Options
  • SNAP/EBT Accepted
  • Female
  • Fishing-Family

Seafood Offered

Black cod, Dungeness crab, Halibut, Hard clams, Lingcod, Oysters, Rockfish, Salmon, Smelt, Tuna




Number of Fishermen Sourced From


Years in Business

The value statements outlined below aim to create a higher level of accountability and trust, both internally within the network and externally to the public, in order to advance the movement of Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) and like-minded community-based seafood operations.

  • Community-Based Fisheries
  • Fair Access
  • Fair Price
  • Eating with the Ecosystem
  • Traceable and Simple Supply Chains
  • Catch and Handle with Honor
  • Community and Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management
  • Honoring the Ocean
  • Creativity and Collaboration

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We sell what we and our fishing community catch. The fish is all sustainably caught using traps, troll, longline set, and hook and line methods. This isn’t just a days catch for me, this is our life. My husband and friends are out there catching this for our community and we all take a sense of pride in that. We do our best providing everything in season. If not it was caught with our same values. We offer our catch at our store front and most of our farmers markets in Humboldt County. We do fun pop up dinners with other local businesses sharing our connection to our catch as far as we can reach. To keep up with our “always moving seasons” find us of our Facebook and Instagram pages @ashleysseafood on where you can find us and when. We hope to see you soon and have a beautiful day!